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The Dead Sky Order

An Infinite Dimensions Novel

The Frozen Sky

Not everyone ascends to the greatest plains of the Frozen Sky. Ones not worthy linger at the horizon. A noble life and an abundant Final Solcede propel one to the sparkling edges of the hemispheres.

The Frozen Sky is full. The spirits of the dead are lost.

What protects us will be our greatest threat.

The Dead Sky Order

Religious bigots who enjoyed chaos, torture, and money, in that order.

Worshippers of the Ka-Guardians.

Ruthless and relentless in equal measure.

The Infinite Dimensions

The Dead Sky Order

Book One

Published: October 2018

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Fixing on an author name
29 October 2018

There's a number of writers already published with derivatives of my name (I generally go by Tim Murphy). Therefore, I will publish The Dead Sky Order under the name Timothy John Murphy.

Release date
25 September 2018

The Dead Sky Order (book one of the The Infinite Dimensions) will be available at Amazon